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Title: Rigged model of fishing schooner THOMAS A. CROMWELL

Accession Number: 1989.100.2
Type: full model
Maker: Ronnberg, Erik A. R. Jr.; Hoyne, Thomas M. III
Materials: wood; metal; textile
Description: Rigged model (no sails) of knockabout fishing schooner THOMAS A. CROMWELL of Boston; 3/8" scale; made by Erik A. R. Ronnberg, Jr.; used by artist Thomas M. Hoyne III for studying and sketching; fully equipped including 3 carved sets of dories (2 sets representing 5 dories and one representing 4 dories). Hoyne started making the hull and in 1979 asked Ronnberg to finish the model; this was the beginning of the collection of fishing vessel models Ronnberg made for Hoyne.

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