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Title: MINNEKAHDA, built 1917

Accession Number: 1987.62.38
Type: postcard
Place: ENGLAND, London; IRELAND, Belfast; USA, NY, New York; SCOTLAND, Dalmuir
Date: Before 1936
Description: Color photo-lithograph postcard. Port bow view of Atlantic Transport Line steamship S.S. MINNEKAHDA, 17,281 tons, under way. Printed on back of postcard: "CARTE POSTALE/ S.S. Minnekahda (Triple Screw) runs between/ London and New York. Gross tonage 17,281 tons,/ h.p. 11,250, length 646 ft., breadth 66 ft., depth 52 ft./ She is unique in being the only Atlantic liner/ carrying tourist third cabin passengers only". MINNEKAHDA (bu. Harland & Wolff, Belfast, Ireland; broken up by shipbreakers at Dalmuir on Clyde, 1936; 620' x 66')

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