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Title: Box sextant made by Troughton & Simms, London

Accession Number: 1985.69
Type: box sextant and case
Maker: Troughton & Simms
Place: England, London
Description: Box sextant, stamped on face above scale "Troughton & Simms, London" (w. 1826-after 1863); bronze or brass with brass screws and telescope; silver scale reading -5 deg. to +160 deg. subdivided by 10 deg. graduated to 30', silver vernier reads to 1'; hinged magnifier; self-storing single draw telescope with eyepiece solar filter; when telescope is removed, peep sight can be slid into position; 2 internal filters (one red, one green) adequate for sun if used together; key for adjusting mirrors is missing (threaded hole for it exists); screw-on cover also serves as handle for holding instrument while taking sight; instrument and cover appear to have been japanned; see also 1955.480.

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