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Title: Quintant made by Lorieux, Paris, circa 1880-1930

Accession Number: 1985.68.1
Type: quintant
Maker: Lorieux, Lepetit Sucr.
Place: FRANCE, Paris
Date: 1880-1930
Description: Quintant, with case (1985.68.2); French, c. 1880-1930, by Lorieux; frame black metal w/wood handle; inlaid silver scale marked "LORIEUX, LEPETIT. SUCr. PARIS No 5549" and "U.S.C. & G.S. NO H751"; scale graduated -5 deg. to 155 deg. graduated by 10', silver vernier reads to 20"; tangent screw has knobs on both ends; flat black metal index arm w/swing magnifier; 4 index filters, 3 horizon filters; telescopes are missing, screw driver for adjusting mirrors & eye filters missing; key for adjusting telescope alignment is in box; stamped on back of frame & index arm "H 751" and "2". Measuring to 140°. Given in memory of Kirk Meek Baker.

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