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Title: Portrait of Rebecca Sears Benson, circa 1880

Accession Number: 1985.103.3
Type: oil painting
Maker: Chinese artist unknown
Place: USA, MA, East Carver
Date: Circa 1880
Materials: oil paint; textile; wood
Description: Painting, oil on fine canvas, portrait, Chinese school, of Rebecca Sears Benson (1844-1921) of E. Carver, MA, wife of Timothy Manter Benson, master of bark MARTHA DAVIS (see 85.103.2). Oval bust portrait in Western style, c. 1880. Blue background; subject wearing black dress w/blue tie. Of a pair with 1985.103.4. May have been done from life as Mrs. Benson & her daughter Clara accompanied Capt. Benson on some of his voyages.

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