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Title: Commodore's Cup, photographed at the New York Yacht Club, 1966

Accession Number: 1984.187.183031F
Type: safety negative
Maker: Rosenfeld and Sons
Date: 1966
Materials: Kodak safety film
Description: 4 x 5 Kodak safety negative taken by Rosenfeld and Sons in 1966. View of the New York Yacht Club Commodore's Cup trophy. Seen posed with backdrop, hand visible on original negative holding backdrop in place. Elaborate design with many motifs depicted on trophy. The two silver plates most visible read: "WON BY / KARINA / ROBERT E. TODD / AUGUST 13, 1911"; and "WON BY / SCHOONER / KATOURA / ROBERT E. TODD / SEPTEMBER 13, 1915".

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