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Title: FLYING CLIPPER, crewman splicing rope, 1948

Accession Number: 1984.187.121881F
Type: safety negative
Maker: Rosenfeld and Sons
Date: 1948-10-03
Description: 4 x 5 Kodak safety negative taken by Rosenfeld and Sons on October 3, 1948. View of an able-bodied seamen aboard the Isbrandtsen Steamship Line C2 freighter, FLYING CLIPPER. Man seen using a wooden fid to splice a cargo net. Able-bodied seamen were trained in the traditional arts of a sailor. They were used aboard cargo ships for their trained skills, including handing a lifeboat, ability to box the compass and handle the helm, recognize lights and signals, understand nautical terminology, and perform basic ropework and all deck duties. [Log of Mystic Seaport, Autumn 1998, Volume 50, No. 2]. Typed on original negative sleeve: "121881F / 10/3-4/48 / Isbrandtsen S/S Co / S/S Flying Clipper story / 5029".

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