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Title: Fireball sloop US 828, 1966

Accession Number: 1984.
Type: color slide ( 35mm only)
Maker: Rosenfeld and Sons
Date: 1966-03
Materials: acid mount; kodachrome
Description: 35 mm color slide taken by Rosenfeld and Sons in March 1966. Starboard beam view of an unidentified fireball sloop (US 828) under sail. Vessel seen in a light breeze with two passengers, has a red hull, and the shoreline is visible in the background. Fireball sloops were designed by Peter Milne and first built in 1964. They measured 16'2" in length and weighed 175 lbs. In 1965 they adapted a trapeze; they were particularly popular in North America during the 1970's and early 80's. Handwritten on slide mount: "FIREBALL / Box 116-21-22". Factory printed on mount: "24 MAR 66N7". Printed on reverse: "Kodachrome / TRANSPARENCY / PROCESSED BY Kodak".

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