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Title: GLADYS R, Annapolis cruiser, 1946

Accession Number: 1984.187.115202F
Type: safety negative
Maker: Rosenfeld and Sons
Date: 1946-09-17
Materials: safety film, Kodak #63
Description: 5x4 Kodak safety negative photographed by Rosenfeld and Sons on September 17, 1946. Image of 47' Annapolis Yacht Yard cruiser GLADYS R. (built 1946 in Annapolis, MD) underway. Visible in image: bow view of vessel underway slicing through wake from the photo boat and a nice clean cut spray from the bow of the boat being photographed, Colonial Yacht Club burgee- red triangle with blue diamond with letters "CYC" in white in center, head of driver seen over windshield. CREDIT LINE: Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection. Typed on original negative sleeve: "9/17/46 / Annapolis boat GLADYS R" and stamped: "115202F / [Box] 4917".

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