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Title: Internationals Crossing Tacks

Accession Number: 1984.187.102650F.2
Type: copy negative
Maker: Rosenfeld and Sons
Date: 1941-09-07
Description: 8x10 copy negative from 5x7 safety negative photographed by Rosenfeld and Sons on September 7, 1941. Image of 33' Bjarne Aas International One Design sloops ELSELAN (built 1937 in Frederikstad, Norway), THREE BELLES (built 1936 in Frederikstad, Norway), and JICK (built 1937 in Fredrikstad, Norway) underway. Visible in image: starboard quarter view of JICK on port close haul, heeled over, rail down flying owner Stephen L. Szczotkowski's private signal- red swallow tail with white sideways M outline of point, minus upper leg, and a blue slash on upper point- flying from mainsail, crossing to stern of ELSELAN (7) and THREE BELLES (IC/22) on starboard close hauled tacks heeled over rail down under mainsails and jib, land in background. CREDIT LINE: Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection , image acquired in honor of Hudson H. Bubar. For more information see: A CENTURY UNDER SAIL, text by Stanley Rosenfeld, p. 144. Handwritten on original negative sleeve: "COPY NEGATIVE 102650f (copy /neg) / Intnls crossing tacks".

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