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Title: Dinghy OVER FLOW

Accession Number: 1983.85
Type: dinghy
Maker: Penn Yan Boats
Place: USA, NY, Penn Yan
Date: 1958
Description: Round bottom, rowing dinghy OVER FLOW; designed and built by Penn Yan Boats, Inc., Penn Yan, New York, 1958; Penn Yan Yachtsman model; serial # TD753; canoe construction (flat frame); soft wood frames and planks, some mahogany, stained, trim details; 3 fixed thwarts, 2 rowing positions; white on canvas, bright interior, mahogany thwarts, transom; equipment: 2 oars, 2 oarlocks, movable floorboards, cover with 2 stays; straight grain, heavy, knees at transom; brass plate and leather over stem head not original (1970); tow ring replaced 1970; all 1970 work professionaly done, interior refinished, exterior recanvased.

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