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Title: Octant owned by Waterman Clift

Accession Number: 1981.90
Type: octant
Maker: Dodge, W. H.
Place: USA, NY, New York
Description: Octant, ebony frame, ivory nameplate engraved "WATERMAN CLIFT"; scale ivory graduated -2 deg. 40' to +99 deg. 40' by 1 deg. subdivided by 20'; reinforced brass index arm; ivory vernier; adjustable index mirror, three removable shades; horizon glass, thumb screw and lever adjustment; sight vane, double peep with pivoted cover; back sight, single peep; back horizon, screw adjustment; three brass legs; pencil hole in brace; ivory note plate on back of frame; piece of ebony missing at right end of arc. Octant radius pivot to center of scale 11 5/8". In wood case 1981.90.A.

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