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Title: Cape Cod power dory

Accession Number: 1981.50
Type: Cape Cod power dory
Maker: United States Marine (engine)
Place: USA, MA, Wareham
Description: Cape Cod power dory; with U. S. Marine one cylinder four stroke engine, Model U-1-K; built by Cape Cod Power Dory Co., Wareham, Massachusetts; open; cedar on oak frames; partially white deck, natural wood topsides with glass remnants over, probably gray once, gray interior; equipment: 1 cylinder US marine engine serial #13046, floorboards and seats missing, 2 cranks for turning over engine; outside once glassed (now partially removed), some reframing; 2 temporary cross ties at mold frames 2 and 3; coamings and rails partially replaced; sliding hatchway over engine replaced with hinged door (doors & hinges missing); port side aft decking replaced; top of stem missing. Engine removed from boat; accessioned as 1981.50.1.

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