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Title: Scrimshaw tooth, "The Sailor Boy" and "The Young Mother"

Accession Number: 1974.691
Type: tooth
Date: Before 1839
Description: Scrimshawed whale's tooth, on one side etched picture of stern of vessel with young boy holding onto ratlines, slightly pink cheeks. Written below "The Sailor Boy./ Though the strained mast should quiver as a reed,/ And the rent canvas fluttering strew the gale,/ Still must I on .... BYRON." Anchor and swags above (stern deck of vessel) and planking of hull below. On other side, woman holding girl baby, written below "THE YOUNG MOTHER"; below that, harp and lyre, horn, book and branches, repeated chain and V motif border around base of tooth; picture and quotation from "Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea....", compiled by Charles Ellms, Philadelphia, published by Thomas Cowperthwaite & Co., 1839, 1836, 1842, 1860; for similar tooth see Bourne sale May 30, 1990, #2; illus. The Log of Mystic Seaport, Vol. 21, No. 1, April 1977. Compare also to illustration on sheet music 1999.127.6.

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