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Title: Admiralty model of HMS BURFORD

Accession Number: 1973.147
Type: Admiralty model
Place: England
Materials: wood; metal; textile; glass
Description: Fully rigged admiralty (dockyard) model of Admiral Vernon's 70-gun flagship HMS BURFORD.(Built 1722, Deptford, England by Richard Stacey). White bottom, varnish topsides, black boot stripe. Has 4 anchors, 68 gun positions with two full gun decks, square bow, lateen mizzen, and two-level poop deck. Lion's head painted on inside surface of gunpost covers. Poop deck railing has painted scene of nudes in grass on blue background. Two quarter galleries, one stern walk, painted decorative strip and two gunports below lower windows on stern. Elaborate carving on stern shows bust of king at center framed by two gods, then a lion on each side with Neptune. Roman numeral depth indicators next to rudder, also at bow. Figurehead is a crowned lion. Mounted on mahogany veneer stand with 2 metal braces amidships.

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