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Title: "South-Carolina of Philadelphia"

Accession Number: 1967.208
Type: watercolor
Maker: Roux, Ange-Joseph Antoine
Date: 1805
Description: Watercolor painting entitled "South-Carolina of Philadelphia" and signed Ante. Roux, a Marseille/ 1805. Ship flies the American flag and 2 pennants - one with stars and one with her name. Unidentified vessel flying the British flag is in the background. Customs records show that SOUTH CAROLINA (bu. 1800, Philadelphia, PA) sailed for "Marselles" June 1805, returning to Philadelphia 18 months later. Evedently on this voyage that Roux, working in Marseilles, saw the ship. When held up to the light, an unusually large watermark of a castle-like motif and the name J. Kool were revealed.

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