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Title: Ippaktuq Tasseok and his wife "Patty" demonstrating a shamanistic ritual, Cape Fullerton, Hudson Bay, April 13, 1905

Accession Number: 1966.339.82
Type: lantern slide
Maker: Comer, George (Capt.)
Place: Canada, Hudson Bay
Date: 1905-04-13
Materials: glass
Description: Lantern slide prepared by F.C. Lockwood of Brooklyn, NY, from an original photograph (1963.1767.52) by Capt. George Comer. Used by Comer to illustrate lectures about his Arctic and seafaring experiences. Depicts "Harry" [Ippaktuq Tasseok] and his wife "Patty" demonstrating a shamanistic ritual. Comer describes this as "an older method of anticooting" [sic]. Photo taken at Cape Fullerton, Hudson Bay, on April 13, 1905.

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