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Title: Ten salvage scenes

Accession Number: 1964.660.5090
Type: gelatin negative
Maker: Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Co.
Place: USA, NJ; USA, NY, Brooklyn
Date: 1922-04-22
Materials: glass
Description: Gelatin glass negative of Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp.; ten salvage scenes, each picture identified: hoisting a locomotive; joint lift (2 derricks); hoisting by COLLOSSUS & CENTURY heavy railroad crane (200 tons) from overboard, the crane having fallen over end of pier; raising grain elevator CERES burned and sunk, army base Brooklyn, April 22, 1922; handling sunken cargo by magnet; steamer sunk after collision entrance to harbor; derricks at work; derricks erecting railroad drawbridge; hoisting a gas tank, note "spreader"; G. F. BRADY (Hudson River steamer?) sunk off Alpine, N.J., November 29, 1922.

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