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Title: Twelve salvage scenes

Accession Number: 1964.660.5087
Type: gelatin negative
Maker: Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Co.
Place: USA, NY, Brooklyn
Date: 1923-01-12
Materials: glass
Description: Gelatin glass negative of Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp.; photo of twelve salvage scenes; captions for each picture as follows: type of salvage of steamer deeply submerged (machinery space); SS FLORIDA in drydock after damaged bow had been removed by derrick; example of floating steamer by pontoons -surface- steamer JOSE; SS MOCCASIN sunk by fire; SS KERSHAW; ZULIA, pumps and derricks; pontoon work, steamer KERSHAW being righted by derricks and pontoons; cofferdam job; vessel sunk by fire, flooding being pumped out; example of counter weight; patch on SS WEST CALUMB after being raised, sunk Pier 16 Brooklyn, January 12, 1923; utility of heavy derricks, bow of FLORIDA (collision with REPUBLIC) lifted after being cut by acetylene in dry dock and bodily removed to expedite remairs.

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