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Title: Nine salvage scenes

Accession Number: 1964.660.5086
Type: gelatin negative
Maker: Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Co.
Date: 1922-09-00
Materials: glass
Description: Gelatin glass negative of Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp.; one of nine salvage scenes; captions for each picture as follows: hoisting 16" gun; hoisting 16" gun; MONARCH hoisting 16" guns, navy yard; SS ROCKEFELLER, derrick unloading salvage gear; SS ROCKEFELLER hold in engine room patched by divers; SS ROCKEFELLER hole in bottom compartment kept dry by compressed air; SS ASCHE damaged compartment under compressed air was so badly damaged that it was cut loose dynamiting few remaining parts holding same; SS ASCHE in drydock September 1922; SS ASCHE bottom damaged; SS ASCHE floated by compressed air.

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