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Title: Crew of whaling schooner A.T. GIFFORD putting ash on the ice, Hudson Bay, Canada, 1907-1912

Accession Number: 1963.1767.32
Type: glass negative
Maker: Comer, George (Capt.)
Place: Canada, Hudson Bay
Date: 1907-1912
Materials: glass
Description: Glass negative by Capt. George Comer, taken in Hudson Bay, ca. 1907-1912. Depicts whaling schooner A.T. GIFFORD in winter quarters. Crew members are spreading ashes on the ice in a path leading from the schooner out of the harbor. One man appears to be shoveling the ashes onto the ice as another pulls a sled in front of him. The ashes were intended to work down through the ice, making it easier to get the vessel out of the harbor as the weather warmed. Information from original envelope identifies this as # 35A.

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