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Title: Qaernermiut Inuit group with dogsled, Cape Fullerton, Hudson Bay, Canadian Arctic, December 5, 1900

Accession Number: 1963.1767.212
Type: glass negative
Maker: Comer, George
Place: Canada, Hudson Bay
Date: 1900-12-05
Materials: glass
Description: Glass negative by Capt. George Comer, taken at Cape Fullerton, Hudson Bay, December 5, 1900. Depicts a group of 5 Inuit and a loaded dog sled. Comer described this image as "a party of Kenepetic men who have been here to trade." The Inuit Comer referred to as the Kenepetic or Kenepitu were from the Chesterfield Inlet region, and are more appropriately designated as the Qaernermiut. Information from original envelope identifies this as Photo # 185, #27.

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