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Title: Ippaktuq Tasseok ("Harry") in deckhouse of whaling schooner Era, Cape Fullerton, Hudson Bay, Canada, February 18, 1904

Accession Number: 1963.1767.176
Type: glass negative
Maker: Comer, George (Capt.)
Place: Canada, Hudson Bay
Date: 1904-02-18
Materials: glass
Description: Glass negative by Capt. George Comer, taken at Cape Fullerton, Hudson Bay, February 18, 1904. Depicts "Harry" [Ippaktuq Tasseok], seated in front of sail cloth backdrop in deck house onboard whaling schooner ERA. Harry was the leader of a group of Inuit known as the Aivilik or Aivilingmiut. Information from original envelope identifies this as Photo 132, # 38. Number 38 is etched into emulsion on lower part of plate. Contact photograph is reversed.

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