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Title: Scrimshaw walrus tusk, portrait of General William T. Sherman

Accession Number: 1957.705
Type: walrus tusk
Maker: Finney, N. S.
Materials: ivory
Description: Walrus tusk, attributed to N. S. Finney; pierced at tip; above border, on one side only, and spray of oak leaves at left, laurel at right side of base; a 6" high portrait bust of Sherman; a lightly etched eagle; another military figure (U.S. Grant); figure of Columbia, 2 female figures (flag wings marked "NORTH" and "SOUTH") kissing; a flag-skirted figure; Liberty on a pedestal; a small eagle. Large, colored rounded piece broken from base of reverse side. Cf. William Gilkerson, "The Scrimshander" (San Francisco: Troubador Press, 1975.), p. 4 - photo of bar at Cobweb Palace.

Mystic Seaport Image ID m154151-01    Information regarding reproductions

Mystic Seaport Image ID m154151    Information regarding reproductions