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Title: Inboard gasoline engine made by Lozier Motor Co., 1904

Accession Number: 1956.685
Category: ENGINES
Type: inboard gasoline engine
Maker: Lozier Motor Co.
Place: USA, NY, Plattsburgh
Date: 1904
Description: Gasoline inboard engine. Manufactured by Lozier Motor Co., Plattsburgh, New York. Igniter ignition, one cylinder, two stroke cycle, 5 HP, missing flywheel, carburetor, igniter linkage and magneto. Lozier was in business building marine engines between 1901 and 1915. The company employed six horseshoe magnets oriented in three pairs with poles set end to end, producing a low tension type magneto similar to those found in early telephones. The magneto is driven by friction off the flywheel. H. A. Lozier had a highly successful career in the sewing machine business and then as a bicycle manufacturer before establishing a launch and boatbuilding company in 1896, which he moved from Toledo, Ohio, to Plattsburgh, New York, in 1900. Lozier was also interested in automobiles, and by 1910 he had switched to automobile manufacturing.

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