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Title: "AMERICAN of New York, Capt. John Hillard."

Accession Number: 1953.4558
Type: watercolor
Maker: Roux, Ange-Joseph Antoine
Place: FRANCE, Marseilles
Date: 1820
Materials: paper
Description: Watercolor depicting a starboard view of the snow brig AMERICAN (built in Middletown, CT, 1816). The painting is signed in the lower right "Ante. Roux a Marseilles 1820 -" and the title is handwritten in white at bottom "AMERICAN of New York, Capt. John Hillard." The AMERICAN┬┐s designation as a snow brig indicates that she is a two-masted, square-rigged brig with a separate spar just aft of the mainmast to which the fore-and-aft spanker is affixed. She was a bulk trading vessel. December 1819 the AMERICAN entered New York with 10,000 hides from Montevideo, South America, then cleared for Marseilles, where Ange-Joseph-Antoine Roux painted this portrait. In June 1820 she returned to New York by way of Tarragona, Spain, with wine, brandy, olives, rope, paper, aniseed, and specie. John Hillard was the shipmaster of AMERICAN. The artist of this painting was from Marseilles, France. He lived from 1765 to 1835 and began painting ship portraits c.1800.

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