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Title: Quintant made by A. Hurlimann, Paris, France, second half 19th century

Accession Number: 1953.3563
Type: quintant
Maker: Hurlimann, A.
Place: FRANCE, Paris
Date: 1875-1899
Description: Quintant (3608-62-0000) 0-180 min arc No. 544 French A. Hurlimann I-267 Prim, 2nd half 19th century. Vernier quintant of brass, wooden handle, one set of shades, no sight, index mirror missing. "A Hurlimann a Paris (544)" written on arc. Hurlimann made his sextant during the late 19th century. This sextant is smaller in size than the others in this case which are of the more common size. Smaller sextant was handier to use weightwise, but not as accurate due to the necessary reduction of the size of the degree scale on the smaller arc. Notice opaque glass mounted over vernier scale to lessen the sun's glare when reading the angle. Measures to 150°.

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