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Title: Portrait of Capt. Franklin Smith, 1803 - 1874

Accession Number: 1939.1293
Type: photograph
Place: Indian Ocean; Antarctica, Desolation Islands
Materials: photograph; paper; glass; wood; gesso
Description: Photograph; framed; portrait of Capt. Franklin Smith, 1803 - 1874; brother of Capt. Robert Smith, and one of five brothers all of whom were famous whaling captains. At the age of 11, when he sailed on the whaler ANN MARIA he had already been on coasting vessels. He later commanded the ships CALEDONIA, FLORA, JULIUS CAESAR, TUSCARORA, CHELSEA and others; in 1859 he sailed for Desolation Island; his ship was wrecked and he returned by steamer. He died at age 71.

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