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Title: Chip log

Accession Number: 1934.9
Type: taffrail log
Place: USA, CT, Groton
Date: 1812 - 1838
Materials: textile; metal; wood
Description: Log line, reel, and log chip, oak, 3 lead strips nailed to arc of log chip, 1/4" cotton line, from oak toggle 2 fathoms, cotton tag, 4 fathoms, leather tag, 5 fathoms, cotton tag, 6 fathoms, manila tag, 7 fathoms, cotton tag, 8 fathoms, manila tag, 9 fathoms, cotton tag, 10 fathoms, manila tag, 15", end of cotton line (not spliced to manila line); 1/4" manila line, 5 fathoms, splice, 13 fathoms, splice, 1 1/2 fathoms, spool; iron rod, wood handles split, wood discs planed off on 1 side so reel stands in place. Purportedly from a New London whaleship; came from an old Groton, Connecticut blacksmith shop where much ship repairing was done, probably dates from first half of 19th century. Diameter discs 8"; radius chip 8"; wood handles LOA 4 3/4" each.

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