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Title: George Eldredge and Mr. Ives sailing in Mystic River, CT, circa 1895

Accession Number: 1932.34
Type: photograph
Place: USA, CT, Mystic
Date: Circa 1895
Description: Photograph, port bow view of "shovelnose" sailboat on port tack in Mystic River, George Eldredge and Mr. Ives on board, probably 1895. Typed label on back reads "Mr. George Eldredge and Mr. Ives in "Shovelnose" Sailboat on the mystic River in the early nineties (Probably about 1895). These small vessels had a vogue in the early nineties. There were four or five in the river during this period, mostly sailing above the bridge. It is supposed that they were adapted from the ... Race Models of the period.

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