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Watercraft Plans from Mystic Seaport

Arranged by Vessel Type

  • Represents a small portion of our archive of more than 100,000 historic ships plans
  • Includes plans for many vessels owned by Mystic Seaport
  • Also includes many small craft plans suitable for home boat building
  • Measurements given to the nearest foot
  • See also the book 87 Boat Designs by Benjamin A.G. Fuller
  • Plans cost $40.00 per sheet (10% discount for Members) and can be ordered via the Plans Order Form

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    Dory/Flat Bottom Boats
    Hunting and Angling Boats
    Kayaks & Dugouts
    Large Vessels
    Oars/Sail Plans
    Round-bottom Work Boats
    St. Lawrence River Skiffs
    Whitehalls and Other Transom-sterned Pulling Boats
    Yacht Tenders

    Large Vessels
    Joseph Conrad
    Ship-rigged training vessel (111')
    Burmeister & Wain (designer)
    Burmeister & Wain (builder)
    1 sheet: lines, sail,
    order no. 47.1948

    Charles W. Morgan
    Whaleship (114')
    Hillman, Jethro & Zachariah (designer)
    Hillman, Jethro & Zachariah (builder)
    7 sheets: lines, construction, offsets, deck plan and bulwarks, square sails and rigging, outboard profile and rigging, 'tween deck and misc. sections, whaleboat handling and belaying pin arrangement
    order no. 41.761

    L. A. Dunton
    Gloucester fishing schooner (123')
    McManus, Thomas F. (designer)
    Story, Arthur D. (builder)
    5 sheets: rigging plan, spar plan, lines plan, deck & bulwark plan, construction
    order no. 63.1705

    James Miller
    Three Masted schooner (130')
    3 sheets: lines and deck, spars and belaying detail, sail plan, rigging
    order no. 79.76 (Model)

    Herbert L. Rawding
    Four masted schooner (201')
    3 sheets: lines and deck plan, rigging plan, belaying plan and miscellaneous details
    order no. 81.63 (Model)

    Benj. F. Packard
    Full rigged ship (244')
    3 sheets: lines and deck plan, rigging plan, belaying plan and miscellaneous details
    order no. 77.93 (Model)

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