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Watercraft Plans from Mystic Seaport

Arranged by Builder

  • Represents a small portion of our archive of more than 100,000 historic ships plans
  • Includes plans for many vessels owned by Mystic Seaport
  • Also includes many small craft plans suitable for home boat building
  • Measurements given to the nearest foot
  • See also the book 87 Boat Designs by Benjamin A.G. Fuller
  • Plans cost $40.00 per sheet (10% discount for Members) and can be ordered via the Plans Order Form

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    Lancaster, W.H.
    [no name]
    Amesbury skiff (13')
    2 sheets: lines, construction, (recommended for amateurs)
    order no. 89.94.1

    Lowell Shop
    [no name]
    Amesbury skiff (14')
    Lowell Shop (designer)
    1 sheet: lines, construction, (recommended for amateurs)
    order no. 57.290

    Lozier Motor Co.
    Lozier launch (22')
    1 sheet: lines, construction,
    order no. 61.1167

    Latham, James A.
    Emma C. Berry
    Noank well smack (45')
    3 sheets: lines, sail, deck plan
    order no. 69.231

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