G.W. Blunt White Library

Selected Abstracts of Oral History Interviews

OH 65-1 Douglas S. Macmillan Steam Whaling and Exploration in the Arctic
OH 66-1 Charles A. Brooks Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc. in 1966
OH 66-2 Jeremiah McCarthy A General Introduction to the CHARLES W. MORGAN
OH 66-3 Leslie S. Stanton Dory Trawling off the Coast of Maine
OH 66-4 Ruben Doughty Sixty Years of Fishing off the Maine Coast and Nova Scotia
OH 67-3 Frank Staplin Dory Fishing off of Mystic, Connecticut
OH 67-7 John Thomas The Thomas Thomas Oyster Company and other Oyster Topics
OH 67-12 Robie Ames Maine Salmon Fishing
OH 67-14 Leslie S. Stanton A Dory Trawler Remembers
OH 70-1 Elwood L. Byles The George Smith and Sons Hoopmaking Shop Formerly at Canterbury, Connecticut
OH 78-2 Robert Merchant Aboard the THOMAS S. GORTON Cod Fishing Off the Grand Banks
OH 83-1 Charles Deveau CHARLES W. MORGAN