Research Guides: Searching for Vessels?

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Tips for finding information relating to ships, boats, yachts…

SHIPS AND BOATS: Search the following databases for registration information about ships from as far back as 1688.

Ship Registers (1857-1900)···
Connecticut Ship Database, 1789-1939···
American Whaling Voyages, 1688-1927···
New London Crew Lists: 1803-1879···
Salem, Mass. Crew Lists Index: 1799-1879···
Yacht Register Database: 1872-1906···

Primary Sources:

ART & OBJECTS: Looking for an image or artifact of a vessel? Search over 20,000 select items.

Ships Plans
Image Archive···
Art, Object, Plans, etc. database···

MANUSCRIPTS: Search the following for original documents kept on board or about vessels

Digial library···
Library Catalog···